I've struggled with back pain for years, never knowing what the problem was.  After getting to the point where I couldn't swing a golf club, a friend suggested I contact Jay Lumsdon.  I've used chiropractors for relief before but my friend said Dr. Lumsdon used some new techniques that really helped solve his problems.  Without getting too detailed, Dr. Lumsdon took x-rays and used a computer scan to show that I have some pretty severe degenerative damage to my spine that cause most of my problems.  Within 2 weeks of my initial treatment, I was able to play again and get back into a workout routine.  My problems require me to see Dr. Lumsdon on a regular basis.  His treatment and techniques have allowed me to continue a very active lifestyle that includes regular workouts and my addiction to golf.  In my nearly 12 years of treatments with Dr. Lumsdon I have not missed a day of playing golf because of my neck or back.  That, to me, is a successful program.

Don Fischer, Indiana University Radio Network 

All I can say is...GO HERE! Of course, that's if you want to be pain free, see smiling faces, experience top professionalism and pay economical prices. They even file your health insurance claims with NO forms to fill out-so easy! Don't be afraid to call for any type of pain...I requested an appointment with Dr. Lumsdon because of severe ear pain. I was getting ready to fly within a week, had exhausted all of my other options of seeing my personal physician and trying to get into an ear, nose and throat specialist-----I needed help quickly OR I needed to cancel my trip. I thought to myself, this as a long shot, but Dr. Lumsdon came highly recommended by a friend so I thought why not. Within 3 days, my ear pain was almost gone and it wasn't my ear at all, it was my neck----who knew...Dr. Lumsdon did! Needless to say, I went on my trip and had a great time. Now I go for regular maintenance visits, feel great and look forward to seeing those smiling faces. I could give many examples, but...just call, go and enjoy your life!

Candy Curnutt Travel Consultant/Owner All About Honeymoons Indianapolis, IN

We moved to Franklin 7 years ago and had to travel 45 minutes one-way to get chiropractic treatments since we didn't know anyone in the area.  Last summer we started looking for a local chiropractor so we didn't have to travel so far for care.  We were so impressed after our visit that we recommended Dr. Lumsdon to our out-of-town relatives and local neighbors.  Dr. Lumsdon offers experienced, thorough care, while Teresa and Rhonda are friendly, caring, organized and always know us by name when we visit the office.  Our whole family receives care from Dr. Lumsdon.  We just wish we would have found this office sooner!

Sarah Gentry, High School English Teacher

A friend of mine suggested I start going to Lumsdon Chiropractic a few years ago.  I have had 2 back surgeries and was on a medication for arthritis in my back.  I have nutrition tests and also adjustments.  I am now off all of my medications and take nutritional supplements only.  I am grateful for this because I prefer not to take prescriptions that can potentially cause other health problems.  I originally didn't think that I needed adjustments for my back, but I was amazed how much better I feel because of them.  The combination of nutrition and adjustments help me to feel better.  The staff is great and I consider them friends.

Tanya Sells, retail

Sixteen years ago I was experiencing lower back pain and having trouble lifting in my beekeeping hobby.  Dr. Jay Lumsdon was able treat my osteoarthritis.  The treatments have enabled me to stay active.  I am pain free and at age 71 can still do the things I want.  I have followed their recommendation of regular adjustments with great success.

Nick Banos, retired educator 

Our family has been going to Lumsdon Chiropractic for almost the entire time from the opening many years ago.  William first went after pulling his back and another patient of Dr. Lumsdon highly recommended him.  Our eldest daughter first went when she was nine years old.  We have all had exceptional care over the years.  Dr. Lumsdon has a special way about him.  He has been a Godsend many times.  We have complete confidence in him, his wife Rhonda and his staff.  Our family considers them dear friends as well as our family chiropractor and staff.  We have 100% confidence in theri treatment.  We appreciate all that they do.

William and Anne Whited and family

I was told to have back surgery 21 years ago.  I chose chiropractic instead.  I have kept fairly active ever since.  No knives and still going.  It works with no bad surprises.  Jay and Rhonda are GREAT!

Bob White, General Contractor 

I have had 3 back surgeries and therefore have issues with my lower back, as well as my neck and shoulders.  I had gone to a chiropractor years before, but was concerned about going back to the procedures I was used to.  Dr. Jay assured me the new procedures would be just as effective and helpful, so I decided to give it a try.  I'm so glad I did!  I have had a significant improvement in my stiffness and have much more flexibility.  Dr. Jay always seems to know where the problem areas are and helps get me back on track.  I have seen a definite improvement and overall I just feel better!  A fringe benefit is the staff!  Dr. Jay, Teresa and Rhonda are all so nice.  Everyones's goal is for you to feel better!

Brenda, Analyst

I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis in 1970 and have been very hesitant to go to a chiropractor.  At my wife's encouragement, I decided to give it a try and I'm so glad I did!  I've been going to Dr. Jay for over a year now and I have been pleasantly surprised at my imrovement.  I can tell a difference in my flexibility and I have better ease of movement overall.  I can tell there is a definite change for the better, so I'll just keep going.

Mike, Retired

Everyone at Lumsdon Chiropractic truly cares about you and your health.  I have recommended them to several of my family members and friends over the years and will continue to do so.

Michelle Plummer, 2013

Whenever someone needs help I always recommend Lumsdon's.  They are friendly, happy and always conscientious-------Been going to them for years and are very satisfied.

Jean Broadbent, retired 

I was referred to Lumsdon Chiropractic from a friend initially several years ago.  Then in 2011 I was suffering severe pain while hanging artwork that led me to revisit.  After an x-ray, I was informed the problem was in my neck.  I started treatment that day, and continued treatment as recommended for months.  I am now pain free and visit once a month just too keep things in line.  I trust Lumsdon Chiropractic and would recommend them to anyone.

Terry Blair,  Interior  Design 

I was referred to Lumsdon Chiropractic almost 25 years ago due to a neck injury.  After three unsuccessful treatments and analysis from other sources, Dr. Jay was able to give me much needed relief.  Not only was relief realized, I was also educated about my injury and how the spine can affect your entire your entire body and your overall health.  Also I really appreciate the friendly and helpful staff.  They along with Jay, always make each visit a pleasure.

John McBeath, Franklin, IN

Almost 20 years ago my daughter's gymnastic coach suggestd that she see Dr. Jay Lumsdon for issues that she was experiencing with her knees and back.  We decided to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jay and try chiropractic therapy to help her manage significant pain issues.  While we watched our daughter improve in " leaps and bounds", my husband and I decided to schedule appointments for ourselves to manage back pain and our family continues to see Dr. Jay!  We are very thankful we decided to pursue this avenue of care.  I had experienced severe lower back pain that often would radiate down my leg.  When my back flared up my entire life was affected adversely.  It has taken my "awhile" to realize that I could be pain free just by seeing Dr. Jay regularly and not just when I was in pain.  As a bonus, I believe that my immune system is stronger and improved by regular visits and adjustments.  I know that the care given to each patient is always an individualized plan that is structured to help improve the quality of life of each person.  I always know that I can call with any concern/problems, and I will receive help and direction from the staff.  The office atmosphere is always positive and friendly.  Our decision 20 years ago to pursue chiropractic therapy has truly made a very positive impact in our lives...  Thank you Lumsdon Chiropractic!!!

Sandy Maners, RN (retired)

    Dr. Jones is wonderful and so is his staff. I would recommend him to anyone.


    Dr. Smith is the best! She took the time to learn about me as a person not just a patient.